Evaluate New Possibilities With Larger Vanities

Evaluate New Possibilities With Larger Vanities

Improving vanity space can be a huge boost to remodeling a bathroom. If you are graduating from a 24 or 30 inch vanity to a double sink bathroom vanity, a 48 inch bathroom vanity or even a 60 inch bathroom vanity, the extra space can be an asset to improving the look and feel of a dated bathroom. Newer and bigger vanities can bring a lot of options with them so if going large is what you're looking for, here are some things to keep in mind when searching for the next vanity for you.

Measure Twice, Then Measure Twice Again

When you are renovating an old, already-used space, the first thing you need to check is to make sure you have enough room that the new vanity will actually fit. You may see a gorgeous piece when you're shopping for a bathroom vanity, but you have to make sure you can both get it into the bathroom and that it will set in its place. People sometimes impulse buy on something, assuming they've got the right dimensions, only for it to be a few inches off to the sides or in depth.

Avoid Disaster Ahead of Time

If it happens that you had ordered a set bigger than your bathroom can handle, your toilet or wall will not be moving to make room for it. So even if you find a gorgeous vanity, check multiple times what your room clearance for it is and stay within that. You can save yourself a lot of time, money and headache by triple checking how much space you have to work with.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

With bigger vanities, you have a lot more space to work with but sometimes, less can be more. Larger vanities tend towards double sink capacity, meaning that unless you are looking to install a second sink, that gorgeous marble piece may not be for you. Instead, work down a size from your maximum space measurement to have something that will fit in the space but also leave clearance on the sides. Not only does this make for a more attractive piece but it also gives you room in case you end up needing the sides of your vanity for storage or decoration.

Research Materials and Models

When looking for a new vanity, consider how you want the base to set on the floor. Do you want it to be mounted to the wall, or on legs? Will the top be ceramic or stone? These considerations can make a difference in price and appearance and if you can compromise, it can end up saving thousands in the long run.

A vanity upgrade can be an exciting project and the final result can make your bathroom look completely new. Just remember to keep moderation in mind, do a bit of research and you'll ensure a gorgeous room for years to come.